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Serviced Office

Serviced Office


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Serviced Office  Ankara  From $99,9 Dollar phone +90 549 590 79 10   +90 312 750 06 07

What is The Best Office Serviced Office?

A serviced office is a type of office space that is rented as a package of both space and services. You get exclusive use of a private office and access to services such as reception, telephone and mail-handling support, while benefiting from shared facilities like meeting rooms and breakout spaces. Fitted, furnished and IT-equipped, serviced offices are ready for immediate move-in to grant greater agility and lower move-in costs for tenants.


Each serviced office within a business centre is rented to a different business and together they enjoy access to shared communal areas and a community of professionals. Serviced offices are prepared for your business upon move-in, with internet, phone line connections, furniture and other inclusions you can select. Memberships start from as little as one month and the flexible workspaces can be sized starting from one person all the way up to a 25-strong team.


Serviced offices are popular among businesses of all sizes requiring support services, as well as those looking to reduce costs, increase business agility and mitigate the risks of leasing office space. Get back to what you do best and let your success flourish with a serviced office package tailored to your business needs.


Bespoke premium serviced offices İn Ankara Turkey

Experience the convenience of setting up a premium office in one of Ankara s prime business districts without the stress of complex leases or costly renovations.


Enjoy the freedom to expand or scale down as required when you move in  our strategically located office in Ankara 


With our professional support team taking care of your day-to-day office needs, you will be free to focus on the more important things, like growing your business in Ankara Turkey.



Entrepreneurs working from home

Business travelers

Start-ups with a limited budget

SMEs with a regional presence

Company registration address

Business corporations and multinationals

Representative office and SMEs

Flexible project space

Short-term swing space

Risk-free new market entry


Bolster your business with administration, IT and operational support services.


Use professional spaces for every work, meeting and social occasion.


Only pay for what you use with lease terms tailored to fit your business needs.

Upsize, downsize or change your package at a moment’s notice.


Our professional support team are highly trained to anticipate, meet and exceed your needs, whatever they may be.


What to consider when choosing a serviced office space

A serviced office space has become a highly popular and commercially recognised option when sourcing for workspace. With the increasing demand, serviced office spaces have popped up at a rapid rate. With more centres worldwide than ever before, choosing the right one can seem like a daunting task. One more exclusive than the next, it can be difficult not to get distracted . Although every business has different needs and requirements, you will save a lot of future headaches by focusing on the fundamentals.


If you’re still unsure how to steer through your office search, Office Hub’s team of experts are here to guide you every step of the way with impartial advice and seamless assistance.


Our some office can support up to 10 workers.

Fully-serviced private offices, furnished

Our address becomes your address to use on your letterheads, business cards, webpage

Premium fit-out

There is no deposit

Flexible terms: from 1 month

Print from desk

IP Phones with calls (national, international, mobile)

Local Phone number with dedicated receptionist to answer your calls the way you would like

You can change your call answering and forwarding options

never miss a vital call

Onsite Secretaries and support team to assist your business

Coworking space, meeting rooms

Enjoy premium coffee & tea

Join a community like-minded to buy from & sell to




Daily Access

Dedicated DID Number

High Speed Internet


Call-answering Service

Premium Coffee & Tea


Secured Work Environment

IT Infrastructure & Support


Secretarial & Admin Support

Colocation Rackspace




What is a serviced office?

Also known as managed offices, business centers and executive suites, serviced offices provide fully-equipped facilities managed by a service facility management company. They empower businesses, from start-ups to small-, medium-sized enterprises and large-scale companies to rent office spaces that are suitable and customizable to their needs. Naturally, a serviced office room can cater to as few as one individual and as many as 20 persons.


Why would I need a serviced office?

With minimal to no capital investment needed in leasing a serviced office, you can enjoy immediate access to fully furnished and well-equipped office without losing time and focus on growing your business. This modern approach to office space provides a complete business solution, and is increasingly popular with small firms and start-ups. However, due to serviced offices’ complete and fully-equipped nature, even large-scale companies find that business support services have considerable appeal.


Are serviced offices better value than traditional office space?

This really depends on several varying factors, such as location, building facilities and the included amenities. On its own, traditional office space may be less expensive than serviced offices but you’d only be getting an empty space. Additional expenses with traditional office space usually include overheads such as building dues, electricity, office space set-up, IT set-up, office furniture, telephone lines and office space interiors. Serviced office spaces are offered at a higher price because they already include all of these costs. Most importantly, serviced office spaces buy you more time for your business so you can focus on the more important matters and keep your business running smoothly.


Why choose Best Office serviced office ?

Our team have provided premium workplace solutions at reasonable rates. Located in prestigious area in Ankara Turkey, we offer an unparalleled range of services, from sourcing the right local business partners to legal accounting, payroll and IT. We leverage our broad connections and experience to enable you to make an impact in a region where every city has its own regulations, culture and ways of conducting business. By joining Best Office location, you are supported at our premium location across İn Ankara Turkey.


Daily Office

Rent an Office for the Day

Rent an office for a day and get professional, private office space for one person to an entire team.

Private workspace, you need in Ankara

With a satellite office, it’s easy to launch a local office wherever and whenever you need one. So you can support regional teams, build your presence in growing regions or instantly enter new markets – without the risk of committing to long-term workspace.

Get team space that truly empowers teams

When you’re trying to support teams that are away from your main office, give them satellite workspace that meets your standards. Our location is  professional, fully equipped and come with useful amenities like breakout areas, meeting rooms and more.


Shared office space

Get flexible workspace to match your budget, from a single desk for a single day to ongoing space for your entire team.


Work Anywhere with a Temporary Office

Get an instant office you need in Ankara , without long-term commitment.


Temporary office space that feels like home

From project offices to workspace during office moves, our temporary office space is available for as long as you need with no commitment. And, most importantly, it’s ready to use, fully equipped space that keeps your people feeling professional and productive.

3 Taksit : 3 x 450,16 TL Toplam : 1.350,47 TL

3 Taksit : 3 x 444,67 TL Toplam : 1.334,01 TL
5 Taksit : 5 x 273,45 TL Toplam : 1.367,27 TL
7 Taksit : 7 x 200,28 TL Toplam : 1.401,97 TL
9 Taksit : 9 x 161,88 TL Toplam : 1.456,94 TL

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Serviced Office
Serviced Office
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